Thursday, January 9, 2014

Remember us?

WWell since I last posted, Ginger turned 2! Here is a pic of her on her barkday. 
Tried to get a pic with a party hat but she wasn't having it! She is not a clothes- wearing Corgi. Sometimes I wish she was- it would be so cute. The month after her birthday my parents came to visit. She loves both my parents but she is my dad's buddy. He can hardly sit on the couch for two seconds without her jumping up to see him. Here is a pic of the two of them, when she wasn't licking him all over the face!
Ginger also had some experience with other dogs in November. Her cousins Sally
(Who was a little leery of Ginger) and Tiger
Who Ginger loooved running around and playing with, came to stay for a few days. Our house was a lively place. :)

Ginger is getting better with her toys; not tearing them up so much.
Here she is pooped out with some if her Christmas toys -
Thanks for checking in with us! Going to try to post more this year. :)