Sunday, March 16, 2014

Here's our boy!

We went to see him for the first time this weekend at the breeders.  He is only a week old. :) You can't see it very well in the picture but he has a little red on his eyebrows and cheeks.  We are still trying to decide on a name for him- any ideas? 

The breeders had a lovely place- so many Corgis everywhere! I was in heaven. I hope they won't mind but I am posting a few pics I took there-  here are most of the mamas- but our baby's mama isn't in this pic.

They were all so beautiful and sweet.  They also had some older puppies that were running around- mostly ones they were going to keep themselves-

Silly boy!!

And one that was going to her new forever home soon- we did snuggle for a bit. Her coloring is kind of how I am hoping ours will be.
I didn't get a very good picture because she kept moving. Such a sweetie though- the family she is going to is very blessed! 

Has anyone got Corgi groups in their area? I know other people in our area own Corgis but it is hard to find them- would really like to meet some and socialize the dogs if they are willing.  Would love to meet some more people that love Corgis as much as I do.

And here is one of Ginger of course- she likes my son's Angry Bird. hee hee..

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

An update..

Argh I am so bad about posting lately- since I posted last Gin experienced her first "real" snow- in fact we had a couple of good snows this winter.. she really liked running around in it.

Here is one I took the other day- she wanted my daughter to play with her-
And here she fell asleep with her toy in her mouth. hee hee
I took this while I was cutting coupons-she looked so bored but cute!
And I love this one of her and my son-

I am also happy and super excited to say, I think we are going to be getting another Corgi! The litter is supposed to be born this week.. this time we want to get a tri-color male.   I can't wait! So maybe soon I will have to change the name of the blog to "Ginger and ? (almost) Every day! :) Will post as things develop, and will try to post more often as well.