Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 11

Someone is sleepy!- Ginger also had the honor of her bum being featured in The Daily Corgi's Corgipants week! Click here and scroll to Day 3's post. :) She is the third one down I think. :)

It was also pretty funny last night- Ginger was playing with her Kong and bit down on it hard enough to squeak it.  It was the first time she had done it on her own and she went still for a minute- kind of had a "woah" moment. LOL Then she just kept biting and squeaking, short little squeaks. It was too funny!
Tonight my son and I were at the library in the picture book area, and we came across some of Tasha Tudor's Corgi-themed books.  We were both really excited. One one cover there was a girl and a Corgi, and the Corgi looked just like Ginger.
Just like her!!
The Tasha Tudor books are just beautiful.. these might just be something I may collect. Especially the Corgi ones. :)


  1. Her Corgipants made a delightful addition to The Daily Corgi! :)

  2. tracey, there are a lot of wonderful Tasha Tudor books. You can also visit the website and they have a pet gallery that you can add your pup too. the first thing i bought of hers was christmas cards because the corgi on them looked just like our harley. so fun!

  3. Hi Tracey! I have several of Tasha Tudor's books, including two different versions of "the Night before Christmas" which I've blogged about often! Her adorable Corgis were always in her beautifully illustrated books! So sweet :)... Donna