Thursday, August 9, 2012

I've been bad about blogging again..

So here I am, catching up again.  Last Saturday we drove to Richmond, VA to Bass Pro Shop and took Miss Ginger with us.. she did so well! She was very good on the car ride.  I wanted to do a little cross stitch but that didn't happen because she was only content when sitting in my lap.. tried to get her to sit in my daughter's lap but she wanted her mommy. ♥ So I read a book instead. :)  Here is a picture of her on my lap in the car-

When we got to Bass Pro, we put her in a cart.. having only taken her to the pet store before, which is alot smaller and a lot less walking, we played it safe for a while. Plus I wasn't sure if she would do her business on the floor..
My daughter got a better one of her in the cart- I will try to remember to get it from her and post it soon.  Lots of people stopped to pet her, or comment how cute she was, or tell us about their Corgi. We met quite a few past and present Corgi owners. :)  We were there for quite a while.. later we let her walk on her leash, she was very good and made no messes.. even sat nicely when we were standing there talking to a friend.  She was just as good on the ride home; she would doze here and there but didn't really sleep til we got home.
This isn't her that day, just a cute picture of her sleeping. I like when she crosses her paws. ♥
Here are a couple more pics I've taken recently-
"Please give me some sis!"

Waiting for Daddy to give her some cheese..

I will try to update sooner next time!


  1. Tracey thanks for posting she is such a cutie! A corgi is definitely an attention getter!

  2. Hi Tracey!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes for Gimli! I see Miss Ginger is growing up nicely :)

    I love the sleeping picture, they always look so peaceful and innocent and then they wake up lol.