Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gin is one!

I know, I didn't post on her birthday.. to be honest we didn't really do much. I know that's bad but we had good reasons.  One, no money really, though she did get some presents the day before. I had ordered her a couple of antlers and a new Kong from Petco and it came in right before her birthday. Also, we never really celebrated our old dog Wolf's birthday.  Even though he was a family dog he was kind of my husband's baby and I didn't want to do something really special and he get upset cause we never did anything like that for Wolf.  But we still tried to make her feel special all day. I was disappointed I didn't have any party hats left from the kids' birthdays or anything. Anyway, on with a pic or two. :)

We have a big chaise lounge chair and Ginger usually sits on it with me at night- but sometimes she just peeks at me from the floor-

And I don't have many pics of Gin collar-less- I am to afraid she will bolt out the door the one time I leave it off.  So here is one- I took it tonight after her bath when she was at her fluffiest. :)

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  1. Miss Ginger it sounds like you have had a wonderful birthday.