Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 27

Ginger had some new adventures today- she went to Sonic Drive-In and to the park! While I do not have any pictures from the park(too busy keeping her from eating things off the ground), I do have some from Sonic, and home of course. Hanna(my daughter) thought it would be funny if she sat on the dashboard while we were eating at Sonic.

I think this was an attempt at biting one of us that she slyly changed into "I'm not trying to bite you, I'm just yawning." She does that alot.

Yeah, I love taking pictures of her sleeping, especially on her back cause I think it's so cute. Right after I took this she moved-hence the next picture.

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  1. Corgis are like vacuum cleaners... they love to suck up anything that even resembles food. Love seeing pics of the adorable Ginger.